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I'm Caro Greenwood I worked as a fashion buyer before leaving to become a full time parent in 2002. Now raising 3 kids, my eldest son is 14, my daughter is 12 and my youngest son is 9. The idea for Spikey Mama was born from my Boo, as we call her. Matilda, my daughter is autistic, she's seen a whole bunch of specialists and the overriding description of our brilliant girl, is that she has a spiky profile, she’s a wee ball of anxiety and a bit of an enigma actually, no one has seen anything like her!

Along with the all the lifestyle usuals, you'll also find information on autism and autism support. Knowledge is power and the only way to break down barriers is communication. This is one of my strong points! I am most definitely an over communicator.

Spikey isn’t just about autism, its about being different, feeling different and all the anxiety that brings with it. I am no expert but I am on a journey and determined to bring some ‘normality’ to all the differences that we may feel we have.

Baby loss, I have given birth four times, Freddie Greenwood was born on 19th September, 2002 three months early. He remains a part of our family and we remember him in many ways, namely with Borne.org a research based charity of which my husband and are both proud patrons, The Child Bereavement Charity and dinners for Tommy's The Baby Charity that have been held in Freddie's name.

Clothes, travel and intermittent talking points, which you may or not be your bag, in any case, its lovely to have you here. So thanks for dropping by.

Caro x

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