Forte Village Sardinia - May 2018 half term break


So before I go into song and verse about Forte Village. We have been coming here for 7 years. Will (husband) co founded a business which runs holidays and events a few years back, one of the holidays we run is through Forte Village. This is not an ad! I am not being paid nor am I on commission, you don’t have to book through us, nor am I telling you to. However, we are, to quote   Morty in Madagascar! We are most definitely ‘The fun side of the island!’ Our legend or go directly through Forte village themselves.



Forte Village Sardinia, in the Royal Pineta 


We stayed in The Royal Pineta. Its recently been refurbished,  it’s been done very nicely, bear in mind that this resort is enormous, so each 'section' is standardised. Royal Pineta done this way, The Dune done that way etc. There are different price points when it comes to accommodation. Royal Pineta is one up from their starting point which is called Le Palme. For clarity this is not a cheap resort! 

We had an adjoining room, 1 large room with a kingsize bed and a put up bed and another room which has a separate little back ‘cubby’ room with a single bed in, without the bed, it would be the dressing room I guess. 

The bathrooms are great, roomy, great shower, big baths. Added bonus is that the Forte Village products are lovely. As a lover of all things fig, smelling like one permanently is not a problem for me! 



Incredible and in all likelihood, unbeatable. It helps the my kids have made so many friends here over the years and now they just meet up each time, then move around as one, like a little bunch of Meerkats. 

Undoubtably the best thing for the kids is the freedom they get here. The aforementioned meerkats have the run of 55 acre resort and I have always felt that once they were old enough, they were absolutely safe to explore that in groups with age appropriate mates, themselves. 


Mine are passed this age now, but we’ve used it masses in the past. Its fantastic. There is one for younger children and one for older kids. All under the umbrella of the kids village, which basically looks like that town in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang without the scary child catcher. They even have a kids train with takes the little treasures all around the resort. (funny story, when my kids went, they loved it but loved me more, so if they saw me during their time there it was game over. Leaping behind a palm tree to avoid being seen by Matilda whilst on kids train, gave me one of the largest thigh bruises known to man!) Just saying….

I digress, you get it, the kids club is the nuts. The girls that work there are amazing and all speak good English. Some have been there for years and still remember my kids to this day, its adorable. They cook with them, they take them to the slide pool (yes there is a slide pool), to the beach, painting… they will even take them to lunch if you like. They have a brilliant kids restaurant. Full days or half days, whatever you feel you need. 

Shameless marketing and last years snap too!

Shameless marketing and last years snap too!


There are so many I’m not going to list them all, just go onto the Forte Village website. The ones my kids have done are all under the umbrella of our company apart from the footy which they love.

Rugby, cricket and netball our company run these, all coached by capped England players. My kids love them. It can get very hot, but water is provided and its all about the kids enjoying what they are doing, but also gaining in skill. 




Football is massive out here, my boys play it every evening at 9pm, it is also played all the live long day. Chelsea run the football academy, it is undoubtedly the most popular activity out here.


Bikes, most people hire bikes. 


Apart from having your kids permanently entertained? There is a beautiful spa, but the cost is fairly eye watering. With facials at approx £300 and massages at a similar cost you’d be hoping to walk out, with skin like Gigi and Bella… Joking aside, the Forte Spa is ahead of the game with regards to wellness. They offer the most diverse and innovative treatments in Europe, its super popular too and now open until December. I’ve had 1 treatment here in 7 years, simply on the basis that cost is eye watering!

The Oasis Pool

The Oasis Pool


It’s fairly small, but functional. They could do with a few more mats and a bit more space, but its perfectly adequate for what you need when you are on your hols. Personal trainers and yoga are available on request.


This can happen in a resort of this size! We get up early to reserve 3 for us 5. Lets face it sun lounger rage is no picnic. Mostly everyone seems pretty happy though….


Several, these are my favourites. Mahiki next to Castello Pool, my choice of the 3 pools.

Theres a bar in the Oasis pool that you can swim up to for a drink. 

One in the slide pool too and one at the main entertainment square, there is also a sports bar right next to the beach, they screen sport there when there are big matches on and you can watch you kids play footy and shoot hoops whilst supping on your Aperol. They are everywhere and sell everything you can imagine


This is Italy, the coffee is perfection! You do have to queue at breakfast for it though. The queue is not a ‘happy place’, several parents waiting in silence for their first coffee of the day? I rest my case.



Is wonderful. There are too many restaurants to mention, some super fancy, some less so. 

The pizza and pasta is obviously fantastic, I live on the salad and risotto here as it’s just so good. The ice cream and sorbet is a thing of wonder….


Gluten Free is readily available as is dairy free. They are brilliant with dietary requirements.


I can honestly say they are great. Italians in general are wonderful with kids, and Forte is no exception. As far as the activities are concerned, my feeling is that everyone is welcome. (That is certainly the case with our own sports) It’s important to explain any difficulties to those running the activity before hand and give any tips that may help with your child’s enjoyment. You may be asked to stay depending on the issues your child has. 


This place is geared up for families, if you’ve not got kids, I’m not convinced this place is for you, there isn’t an inch of this resort without a small human present.

It’s hard not to be biased, but my children have a ball here as they know so many people. I feel that they are safe with in the resort and there is SO much for them to do. 

Because they are so happy, we are happy, the two tend to go hand in hand don’t they!

Their customer service has improved hugely in the last few years, the management has had some tweaks and this really shows now. 

My challenge is to find a holiday that can provide enjoyment, for a 14 year old,  a 12 year old autistic girl and an 9 year old, Forte ticks every box for us. Highly recommend.