A family mini break in the UK - Darwin Escapes Somerset


Will and I are not great at booking hols, for kids our age as well, this is becoming more of a challenge. I told Will to take to bull by the horns and just ‘book something already’ so he did and this is what he came up with….ps this blog should come with a 'we took zero snaps except one and we don't know why' caveat!




Darwin Escapes

Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa, Somerset 



Yep. Cheddar Woods is pet friendly. In our lodge they left poo bags, environmentally friendly ones no less! They also left dog treats, nice touch…



Incredible. It really is.

First and foremost the staff are utterly brilliant. I honestly can’t remember the last time I came across such a positive, more helpful, energised crew. Clearly really well trained and selected for their ability to work so well with children. Nothing is too much trouble. 


The kids and dip and and out of activities as they wish. Matilda’s autism was no issue at all for them, she didn’t want to do everything we signed her up for and they basically said if there is anything she would like to to at all that she hadn’t initially been booked for, just to say so and they would make sure she did. I mean…



Lodge 148 was where we resided for 3 nights and it was, well, just lovely actually.

We missed out on getting a hot tub, first world problems. The other ones had them on the veranda.

It was spotlessly clean, pleasant interiors. Kitchen looked like it had just been installed. Had everything I needed in it. 

Great TV. No Sky, but we survived… just!

Bedrooms and bathrooms were delightful. Our ensuite shower in particular was knockout. 

The boys shared the bunk room, Matilda had her own double bedroom and we had the en-suite room that the 8 year old moaned he had baggsied and did we not know that law?! 

It was relaxing, really toasty and just a great place to come back to after all the activities.

What struck me, was how happy in the early evenings I was just to sit and read a book or watch Netflix, which I hardly ever do at home. 

The kids were all pretty knackered from their busy days, so were happy just to chill at night, we all had lights out at pretty much the same time. 


WHAT ACTIVITIES DID THEY DO? (there are many more - Cheddar Woods activities

Rifle shooting 


Waterwalkerz (zorbing)

Panna Soccer

Climbing wall

Cross bows




The Eden Spa

Well whilst the kids are shooting at stuff there is a really lovely spa. 

The Eden Spa uses Dermalogica and Aromatherapy Associates both great products.

I had a Dermalogica facial, full body massage and a Jessica manicure, all of which were blissful. The staff were great, well trained and the treatment rooms very relaxing.


IS THERE A GYM? ( I would ask this question!)

Theres a gym, its small, but had everything I needed. 

Theres a pool too, but full of kids 24/7 so don’t go there if you ‘can’t be splashed’ like my Mother!




Of course! Next to the restaurant and golf simulator! Its all kind of in one big lounge area.

Have everything you need and serve a cracking sauv blanc by the glass. 



Panic not, they serve Costa coffee, its all good…



We bought a lot of our own stuff, mainly as Matilda and I are gluten and dairy free. But we ate in Kellerman’s restaurant (yes really, a Dirty Dancing fans dream) for two of the nights. As Matilda and I both have specific dietary requirements I thought it would be a bit of nightmare, but they will pretty much amend the menu to fit with you. Matilda ate the gluten free fish and chips on repeat!

Do book in though, especially if theres lots of you, they can get busy here especially during the school hols.

We ate breakfast in our lodge, but you can do all 3 of your meals here. 



There is a great little farm shop at reception, useful for daily essentials. Like a tin of tomatoes that I forgot, bathroom essentials, gifts etc.



No we didn’t as we were only there for 3 nights and there was so much to pack into that time. 

You obviously can though and there is a stack to do. 

Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury, Bristol Zoo. Their website has all the details and all the staff at the resort are knowledgeable of everything to do on and off resort. They will tell you everything you need to know. 



From around £400 for 3 nights 

You pay per child per activity to as add ons. The Rifle shooting for example is £10 Panna soccer £5.

Kellerman’s restaurant is very reasonably priced.



This is a great family break. 

I can honestly say I have never been to a resort where the staff have been so energised, positive and generally the most helpful humans I’ve come across. 

I think the only thing I would say is, if you’ve older kids, consider bringing them a mate a long, at 14 Archie was one of the eldest there all of the time. Whilst there are activities that would interest older kids, there were a lot of kids there younger than him and its ideal for them and for those of you with babies and toddlers. But like I said, we didn’t go off resort, so that would be something to consider.


I felt more than once that I was on a set of Dirty Dancing and with a restaurant called Kellerman’s you’d be forgiven for saying so. Sadly for me, the only babies in the corner, were actual real live, incredibly cute, little bald human ones. At no stage did any of the members of staff pop on a leather jacket and black jeans and leap off the table to an army of perfectly co-ordinated dance professionals. Something for the suggestions box?!


Bravo Darwin Escapes, Cheddar Woods, The Greenwoods will be back.