Yuletide skin savers...

One thing that suffers during the yule tide festivities! Is my skin. I'm pretty strict on my cleansing and moisturising routine, but truth is, I don't drink enough water no matter how hard I try. My alcohol intake definitely increases so my skin suffers.  I have relatively sensitive and fair skin. So I apply an SPF as standard every day whatever the weather. I only wish I had started this sooner.

Fortunately what's bang on trend at the moment are glowing primers, I'm not sure there's a negative to them!  Just really useful to have a 'filter in a tube' at any time of year, so hopefully these ones are here to stay. 

The market is saturated with these right now, here are my top picks.



Charlotte Tilbury - Instant soft focus beauty flash £34.65 (John Lewis)

I got this last year, Lovely fine consistency, very easy to apply. I use underneath CT's foundation or mostly over an SPF just by itself. Its a great size, can re apply at any stage during the day and rubs in like a treat. You don't need much, I have it a year, use it all the time and still have the original tube I bought. 


Nars Radiance Primer - £27.00 (Space NK)

Got this as a little tester from Space NK and I REALLY love it, mainly because it has an SPF already in it. I use it over my serum and daily moisturiser. Easy to apply, lovely feel and consistency, great glow factor. LOVE this. Highly recommend. 


Becca backlight priming filter - £32.00

Another tester- I basically was (easily) persuaded to get the wash bag full of Space NK goodies last month. It was chock full of heavenly skin stuff, this was amongst it. I like this one, the consistency is much looser than the other's. Not a criticism, more of an observation. If you're looking for something less 'thick' more of a serum feel, this is for you, also has great staying power, no need for reapplication. Great product. 


YSL Blur Primer - £26.55

This is hugely popular apparently, got a sample of it whilst in John Lewis. It is another great product. Good coverage, may have just been me, but had to rub it in slightly more than the others, but once I had, it looked the bomb. Great glow factor, great staying power.  If I didn't already have the CT one, would probably purchase. 


Custom enhancer drops £34.00

Less of a primer more of a highlighter, but I am obsessed with this product. One teeny tiny little drop into your foundation (I add my SPF) and my skin looks fabulous. I use 'moonlight'. I then add a little extra to my cheeks, edge of my eyes and just above the middle of my lips. I honestly don't think it will ever run out! You barely need any at all. This is a great gift. Highly recommend. 


L'oreal Glow drops - £9.99

Similar to Cover FX but in only one colour way. Like the above you can add to your regular foundation or use for a bit of extra sheen on the cheeks around the eye etc. A great more cost effective option.