Your Body Your Rules

The most common questions I get asked are these

  1. Matilda and general Autism related questions. 
  2. What fitness training do you focus on? What do I eat? 
  3. Where are your clothes from?
  4. What colour is your lipstick? How are your cheeks so shiny?! 
  5. Where’s your Jewellery from?


It's actually exactly how it should be.  Matilda is how Spikey Mama was born, so she absolutely should be top of the tree. 

Today we are addressing the second most popular ask. 

Firstly, I am NOT a professional fitness human. I do not possess any personal training related official examinations, so anything that I do, you copy at entirely your own risk! 

Now we have that out of the way, here goes…

Firstly the greatest advice I can give, is that which Mel Gibson gives his on screen son in The Patriot! 

’Aim small, miss small’.

Whether you've been away from exercise for a while or just coming back from the mist of postpartum, only you know your own body. Especially the latter, take it easy. Fitness is a bit like quitting smoking, you have to want to do it. Kind of.

With this in mind, the gym/road running might not be your thing. So find something that is. There is so much on offer, google your local clubs, see what there is to do that you fancy that fits around your work and your family. 

I did pole fitness for a while and loved it. I’ve got mountains of mates that do trampolining classes, Zumba,  jazzercise, ballet, street dance… Sign yourself up for a challenge maybe, a 5k, 10k half marathon. I did the London marathon in 2014, I found childbirth easier, just so we're clear!



Also another bit of fitness trickery. Don’t save it for the gym/fitness class or road. I can regularly be found lunging around my kitchen! Doing a few press ups before bed. Yoga in the morning/before bed whenever. It’s a mentality you see. Sure, go work out. Sweat away, but don't rule out even 5 sit ups whilst you have a few mins at home. One press up before bed. This eventually increases it gets easier….. 

CJG - on an optimum week

Monday: Either my own gym work out or total body work out class..

Tuesday: Own work out

Wednesday: Spin

Thursday: yoga (this is my new thing, I am crap but I love it.)

Friday: Spin in Windsor (just because I love Windsor! But also a change of scene is a good thing)

Saturday: Own workout/pump and sculpt class (if I have childcare)

Sunday: Enforced family dog walk!

Ok before you are all, ‘There's no way I am training that much ever!'

Sometimes I don’t do this much. Like I said this is an ‘optimum week’. It can be half of this. Also when I do my own thing, it can be as short as 20 mins. Other than yoga, I NEVER WORK OUT FOR LONGER THAN 45 mins. EVERRRRRRR.

Who has time for that?!

Also you do not need much space to work out. One small chair or stool and enough space to lie flat. That's it.

Whilst I am happy to post my work outs, I am unsure as to how helpful they will be. Firstly, there will be those that it won’t challenge and then there will be those that feel it is too much. Plus the fact that the market is saturated with professionals who are WAY better at this than I am!  But as a rough guide here’s a very general work out I am currently doing. 

15 mins on treadmill 1 min fast 1 min recovery speed 

15 mins abs - sit ups, Russian twists, burpees, leg raises, mountain climbers, plank and side plank.

15 mins arms - I work triceps with 10kg dumbells. Biceps with 6. I also do press ups of varying amounts and body weight based arm exercises.


15 mins Legs - leg raises. Squats (as many as I can cram in) kettle bell squats. Barbell squats. 



I am a gluten free pescatarian. Don’t all roll your eyes at once, if I eat gluten I’m out for anything up to and beyond a week of vile stomach related issues, which I won’t go into because they are gross. The pescatarian thing, because I can’t eat animals, just can’t. I feed my family meat, if they want to go meat free, that should be their choice. Also I try only have dairy in tea or coffee which I have attempted to give up, but I’m not a massive fan of almond or soya milk, I like coconut milk, but randomly not in tea…its a problem for me. Also I am a big grazer, I would rather have 8 mini meals than 3 massive ones.

Lunch today! Rocket, avo, asparagus, beetroot and poached egg. 

Lunch today! Rocket, avo, asparagus, beetroot and poached egg. 


So nutrition for me is like fitness. If you start with ‘I’m going carb and dairy free and I’m not going to eat more than 500 calories…’ you are setting yourself up for failure and an entirely unrealistic way of life.

What you eat, is a life choice, not a diet until you lose the weight. Just don’t diet. That’s the only dictator style chat you’ll get from me. What happens when you get to the end of your diet? You go back to how you ate before and ruin your hard work? So make your change (whatever those changes are) and make them permanent lifestyle changes. Just make them part of you.

Tip, if you're going for a super healthy day and you eat a bar of chocolate, don't write the day off, don’t be all ‘thats it, the healthy day is ruined’ and delve into an ice cream tub. Just accept that you’ve eaten choc (no biggie btw) and go back to your original plan. We feel guilty enough about everything else. 

My mantra on food is simple. If you eat fat enriched foods all day every day, you're not going to be as healthy as you could be. It’s not about what you look like, its about how you feel and that you only get one shot at this. So why fill yourself with crap every day? Make it count. If you want chocolate, eat it. I do, but I also stuff my face with healthy stuff too.

Then there is alcohol! I think it's marvellous, but it's essentially liquid cake! We know this! But as above, if you want it, have it. Perhaps if you're drinking a bottle a night, it's not ideal...That is a much bigger conversation! 

Always, always, your body, your rules. You’ll get out of exercising and food whatever you want, YOU are in control. That’s the key.

Snacks are as important as your meals, its the right kind of snacks that are going to keep you away from filling yourself up with crap when you're really hungry. So choose your snacks wisely! Here are mine. 

Survival snacks

Almonds - I literally trail almonds 

Humous - half the worlds supply is in my fridge (simple tip, buy packets of sugar snap peas, they are a great for scooping the aforementioned and an easy filler upper. Chop up carrots ready so you can delve in with these too. )

Chocolate coated rice cakes 

Grilled Artichokes - I buy the ready made deli ones.

Almond protein balls. (I like the Bounce ones I tend not to have more than one a day)

Fruit - not masses as its quite sugary (even the natural kind isn't great in excess. That said I am like a locust with berries and mango) 

Frozen mango - you buy it this way, its like eating sorbet squares, whats not to love?!

Granola - my sisters recipe. I take this with me in the morning for on the go, in little freezer bags to snack on during the day. 

Aunty Clare’s granola

4 cups of oats (this makes a lot so just half it and the below portion sizes if you like)

4 handfuls of all of the below

Chia seeds 

Milled flax


Dates (chopped)

Pumpkin seeds

Almonds (chopped or not)

Coconut oil (Vita Coco is my fave)

1/3 cup of maple syrup 

a squirt of honey

2 whipped egg whites (right at the end) 

Spread on a tray and bake for 150c for a total of 40 mins

IMPORTANT - turn over with a fish slice after 15-20 mins 

keep your beadies on it for the last 5, it catches easily at this stage. 



Whatever you choose to do remember.  Make your goals realistic and reachable. Don’t be afraid to fail and if you don’t reach the target you want, then set a more realistic one initially. 'Aim small miss small'!  You’ll get there. You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you that. 

This is your story, not mine. I’m just the support group and I believe in you.


Caro x