A family mini break in the UK - Darwin Escapes Somerset

Will and I are not great at booking hols, for kids our age as well, this is becoming more of a challenge. I told Will to take to bull by the horns and just ‘book something already’ so he did and this is what he came up with….ps this blog should come with a 'we took zero snaps except one and we don't know why' caveat!

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An open letter to a parent or carer who suspects PDA (pathological demand avoidance)

On the back of the wee photoshoot that Boo (Matilda) and I did this week, I’ve had DM’s from parents who suspect autism. I’ve replied to you all now, I think, please message me if not.

My open letter to parents who think their child may have autism. Specifically PDA (pathological demand avoidance)

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Menstrual health

Last week Matilda came home clutching a bag of sanitary towels, the very ones photographed! 

She was a bit coy about it, ‘worrying' them behind her back. Her LSA (learning support assistant) and I speak every day, so I’d had the heads up that the school nurse had gone into her year 7 class and spoken about periods and Matilda would be coming home full of chat about menstruation and all the joy that monthly visitor brings.

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So you think your kid is different

First of all, it will be ok. It has to be, because the kid is yours, no one else knows or loves her or him as much as you do. You want the best for them, remember this when you’re feeling guilty about ‘missing signs’ or ‘worried about other’s reactions’. None of us wake up on any given day and proclaim ‘ today I am going to be shit parent’. 

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