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Spikey Mama is a platform for views, news and life in and around parenting amongst other stuff. 

 I'm Caro, Mother of 3. My middle child has a 'spikey profile' apparently, hence Spikey Mama was born. Here is my honest and humorous, mostly, view of parenting kids with and without additional needs. Lifestyle and general sanity building tips for parents.  We're all in this together.



This is our little mantra at Spikey HQ. If we've got these bad boys covered then we've a better chance at a good day. 


F - Family


The first F is the most important. Family are everything. They are the 'golf balls in the jar', anyone seen that on you tube? A brilliant representation on how the rest of our life around these humans, is significantly inferior.

Raising well balanced and kind kids. If we can give them the confidence to be happy and the ability to find that within themselves, then they have a higher chance of achieving in all other elements of their life.

Family encompasses support from those you love, I include mates in this too, they feel like my family. Support without judgement. Its a prerequisite to Spikey tribal membership. 

F - Feeling


Don't know about you, but I'm so over the 'stiff upper lip' thing. What does it even mean anyway?! We have to be able to talk about how we feel. The gift of communication,  Its the very first thing we do when they pop out and then once we've got them beyond Mama and Dada, we're all 'you can't say that', 'don't say this'. The gift of being able to express the way they feel in a positive way, maybe the greatest gift we can give them. With childhood anxiety at a scary all time high, this should be at the very top of our parental to do list.

S - sanity


When my head feels healthy, I am so much better at this parenting stuff. Everything improves, if we do what we have to do, to keep us sane. For me its fitness, reading and writing mostly. I'm happy when I am doing these things. Taking time for yourself is important. Hanging with my mates is up there. I adore my friends. Laughing with people who support you with love and wine, arguably the best thing ever.

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